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Lander Daniels (born 1990) is a Belgian artist, based in Antwerp.

His work could be described as realistic and figurative, with a large focus on atmosphere and emotion. A contemporary interpretation of Belgian baroque. He tries to draw or paint his view on society and life in a rather realistic way, but with his own accents and nuances.


Lander usually works in black and white, using various techniques as charcoal, pencil, paint, markers,....  

He is a graphic storyteller by education (master degree in comic design - Luca School of Arts Brussels). That training still leaves traces in his work. Each work of art contains a certain story or narrative. A strong image in which the story can be created by the viewer. What is the context of that what we see? What happened before and what will happen next?

As a viewer, you are challenged to introspect, so to speak. What underlies the thoughts and feelings that come to you?

Lander Daniels - studio

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