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Lander Daniels (born 1990) is a Belgian artist, based in Antwerp.

His work could be described as realistic and figurative, with a large focus on atmosphere and emotion. A contemporary interpretation of Belgian baroque. He tries to draw or paint his view on society and life in a rather realistic way, but with his own accents and nuances.


Lander usually works in black and white, using various techniques as charcoal, pencil, paint, markers,....  

He is a graphic storyteller by education (master degree in comic design - Luca School of Arts Brussels). That training still leaves traces in his work. Each work of art contains a certain story or narrative. A strong image where the story around it can be created by the viewer. What is the context of that what we see? What happened before and what will happen next?

As a viewer, you are challenged to introspect, so to speak. What underlies the thoughts and feelings that come to you?


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